ESL Resources

How can ESL teachers survive without resources? Some of you may have yours stored up in a snazzy folder in your classroom somewhere, others will have it all on their pendrive at the bottom of their bag, but a lot of you will now have a link to this page on your classroom. Cut your planning time down and be more organised, allowing yourself more free time to work on your biceps, or buns of steel.

I plan to blow the world away with ESL resources. It’s a tough challenge, but someone’s got to have a bash otherwise we’ll all be chasing our tails and losing our pendrives on drunkard nights out. This way you can keep updated with all the latest ESL resources without worrying about a thing.

What I mean by resources, are the following:

ESL Lesson plans

Best ESL Lesson plan websites

Best ESL Lesson plan websites for younger learners

ESL Activities

ESL Games