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I’m sure half of the native English speaking population in Spain are English teachers. Seems to be the only steady job over here these days anyway.

About four years ago I started a blog called Baztefl.com which has advice, tips, lesson plans, and loads of useful resources for TEFL teachers around the world.

Teaching English in a Foreign Land is my non-fiction travel literature book about my two-year TEFL adventure around the world. This autobiography shows how teaching English changed my life. I wrote this book to inspire travellers, teachers, and recently finished University graduates to get out there and experience the wonderful world of TEFL.


You can get a copy of Teaching English in a Foreign Land on kindle here:



On paperback here:


You may be also be interested in why I wrote this book and how long it took.

To get an idea of my writing style have a look at a couple of excerpts here:

The Fear of Returning

Dangers of Teaching Abroad

From High to Low in Rio


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