Teaching English

Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia

I’m sure half of the native English speaking population in Spain are English teachers. Seems to be the only steady job over here these days anyway. About four years ago I started a blog called Baztefl.com which has advice, tips, lesson plans, and loads of useful resources for TEFL teachers around the world. You can also get a copy of my travel literature book. I’ll still be posting to that blog, but my main focus is on A Novel Spain.

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  1. I have just ordered your book and am eager to read it. I’m an English teacher in Brazil and am glad I’ve found your website Teaching English in a Foreign Land, which I’d very much like you to continue. It is very, very helpful. All the best.

    1. Hey,

      That’s great news. Have you started reading it? Thanks for writing. To be honest I’m not that up for writing my teaching blog at the moment cos so busy with life, but I think I’ll get back into it this September maybe. Thanks for your kind words and good luck.

  2. Hi Barry,
    I wonder if you would be so kind as to advise me which TEFL course to do as I would like to teach privately part time around my daughter who is 6.5 yrs old..
    We plan to live near Valencia. I am bi lingual Spanish, Catalàn, English and would like some part time job to pay for her schooling.
    Many thanks

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